Saturday, 21 January 2017

Puppy Treats/Meet Mimi

As well as posts about Beauty/Fashion, I would really like to blog about Dog/Puppy related items, including reviews of food, treats and toys as well as giving advice through everything I have learnt in Mimi's first year with us.

I feel like food for puppies is something that can vary according to the breed and health of the puppy, but Mimi is quite sensitive to foods so I tend to stay clear of any harsh chemicals/unnatural foods and go for ones that are natural/suitable for sensitive tummies. I came across these Old Mother Hubbard Puppy treats in Pets at Home and as well as the pretty packaging, was sold on the fact that these treats are all natural and have no artificial preservatives in them - perfect for Mimis tummy. They are also suitable for sensitive puppies and I can say that Mimi absolutely loves these treats. She is not particularly fussy with treats but seems to hate the cheaper brands so these are well loved. I use these treats when putting on Mimis harness as she hates it, but these treats really help to act as a positive association with the harness and as they are slightly larger, I have time to put the harness on. All in all I think Mimi is really fond of these treats and as she is reaching the age of 1, I will try the adult treats with her to see if they are just as yummy!

Old Mother Hubbard Dog Biscuits

Mimi is an 11 month old Yorkie and I actually saw her litter online one weekend and knew I had to go and see the puppies for myself. I always wanted a dog and have always loved Yorkies, so I knew this breed would be perfect for our family. We picked Mimi up from the breeder when she was eight weeks old. The breeder actually had lots of puppies just like Mimi from the same litter and she let them out on the floor. As the others tried to hide, Mimi kept following me around the room and at that point my decision was made. 

Mimi is a lovable and excitable little puppy but really gets attached to the people she loves. Although dogs are really hard work and if you have never had one before, then please research before you get one. I don't think I realised how expensive dogs can be, and this is a massive reason people rehome their dogs. I could never imagine my life without little Mimi, and know I will give her the best life possible 

Do you have a dog? What is your favourite thing about them? 


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